3 Benefits for Starting your Day with Lemon Water

3 Benefits for Starting your Day with Lemon Water


Have you ever wondered why people always rave about lemon water?

I knew about the benefit of starting the day with a cup of warm water. It just wasn’t something I could do, until I added a few slices of lemon in it. This is part of my morning routine for over a month now. It’s something that I will keep doing.

Other than increasing my overall water intake for the day, lemon offers several health benefits since it contains Vitamin C. This helps to prevent damage caused by oxidation. Imagine what happens to a slice of apple after a few minutes on the counter top. That’s oxidation. There is an interesting experiment that I could show if you are interested. Simply let me know.

The 3 benefits, in a glance.
1. Increase the overall intake of water. Makes it easier to drink plain water, anyway.
2. Lemon is a good and natural source of Vitamin C and improves immunity against flu and cold.
3. The antioxidant found in lemon helps to prevent stress to our cells caused by oxidation.

If you are like me, struggling to drink water first thing in the morning, just add a few slices and see the difference. Drink up everyone.

I have a cool tool that can tell you how well protected you are from oxidation. Interested? 

Adeline Heng