After climbing the Bukit Timah Hill

Defying Perceptions of Age


Are hikes only for elderly people?

While 163 metres doesn’t sound like much challenge, it was no ordinary walk in the park! I had to climb over fallen tree trunks and wished I had longer legs. Not forgetting the endless steps upwards.
When I reviewed the climb stats, I was amazed at my own achievements!

How did I make it, given that I did not exercise much in my younger days?

1. A Burning Desire

My climb companion and long-time friend was impressed with my determination to catch up with her throughout the climb. Most of her other friends who be whining to go down way even before they half way up. Mind you, these women are many years younger than I am. For me, it was plain and simple, I had to reach the summit. It’s not negotiable and certainly, no excuses.

2. Improved Fitness and Stamina

Simply put, nothing changes if I remain on my butt. Did you know? Sitting for more than 3 hours a day may shorten lifespan, even for someone who is physically active. I am, without a doubt, more fit today than I was 10 years ago. I can run 10- or 15-km races if I want to, I can climb the 163-m hill any day I want and I find ways to incorporate movement into my life.

3. Giving My Body what it Needs

While I strive to take balanced and nutritious meals, I would also take good quality supplements. For busy people, it is easier to drink or swallow the nutrients. I am assured that my body receives what it needs that even the most balanced meals cannot provide.
With the wealth of information available at our fingertips, sometimes it is information overload. I am referring to the information about what is good for our body and the different functions. If you wish to know what ingredients are good for you, reach out and I will provide the information.

I started exercising by engaging in activities that appealed to me. If you are interested to join our weekly body reshaping class, hit me up here. 🙂

May you have a healthy and vibrant day!

Adeline Heng