My name is Adeline Heng,

I’m a wife, mother and former employee turned leader, entrepreneur and speaker.

I’ve lifted the social veil, stopped asking the wrong questions and started to love myself unconditionally.

I’m a child of the late 1960’s and that makes me a quinquagenarian.

I’m happily married and mother to 2 wonderful children, both in their 20s.


My Story

I grew up like many people being told to study hard so I could get a good job that gave me a good salary.

I did that diligently and dutifully. I didn’t question anything or anyone.

As a child, I was told that “children are meant to be seen, not heard”.

I became a master at playing small. The older I got, the smaller I felt.

I fell into the old and widely accepted paradigm of an arch.

After age 40, I knew I was sliding down a very slippery slope, into oblivion…

It was then that I met a group of energetic people who were above 50 years old.

They showed me that there was nothing scary about growing older.

That was my first experience that showed me truly that age is just a number. Through them I understood why.

They also showed me that it’s a myth when people say they “need very little to live”. It’s their excuse to keep themselves contented.

Come on, let’s be honest! After working your butt off for more than 40 years, are you ready to downgrade your standard of living?

Instead of dining at the usual restaurants (not even fine-dining ones), are you prepared to be spending your day in the neighbourhood coffee-shops? And daily conversations include complaining about what the government is doing.

That opened my eyes to reality! Who am I kidding with my socially acceptable answer to that question? I did that so I could stay small and unnoticed.

The Third Act

As I awakened from my stupor, I realised that I had not learnt the lessons that God wanted to teach me.

That was the reason circumstances kept recurring. How could I have been so blind?

I’d spent years running away from one job to another.

I was infuriated when someone suggested that I could be the one with the problem since I had been the only constant factor in all those situations.

On hindsight, everything is so clear now.

I was so deep in the victim mindset that I couldn’t see clearly.

I allowed the lies and excuses to take over and I didn’t take responsibility for any of my mistake.

I was on auto-pilot and hiding behind that socially acceptable mask.

No wonder I was always angry. I was standing in my own way!

I’m glad my eyes were opened and I began to live more consciously. No more playing small.

So I released my past and they became reference points or lessons for the future. They don’t determine my future!

All I’m left to do now is to tie up any unfinished business there is.

And I’m ready to create my future.

Accordingly, the first leg of journey is covered in my book, Doing Good and Doing Well, The Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life.

You can find out more here.

Following the launch of my book, I created a program to help women who are sick and tired of yoyo results to get their ideal body. It’s called the Secrets to a LEAN You. If you want to know how this can help, simply schedule a call here.

Now I’ve stepped into another phase of my self-discovery,

I call it My Third Act. It thrives in service from the heart.

I want to create loving environment for women 45 and above to deal with the changes in the mind and body as they move towards the silver years with grace and beauty. I will hold the space in love for all the ladies as each discover the experiences that make her unique.

I am a certified MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities) Practitioner. You can find out more about here.

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