Age is just a number, the rest are excuses!

What’s your excuse?

I help women, especially those aged 40 and above, who feel lost at the crossroads of life looking for clues to a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life. It’s a journey I’d been on and I want to save you time and show you the way. Keeping the plates spinning is not an easy task!

That was why I left my job in January 2015, to finish my book and to spend time with my parents. As I wrote, I reflected and experienced inner growth. I’m thankful that I was able to spend time with my Dad, who was called home in November 2016.

Some call that personal development, or carving time for yourself.

The main lessons at that time came from my body reshaping journey. Naturally, I wanted to help others to achieve the same. Truth is, most women are daunted by the effort and choose to remain status quo. Yet others, wanted short-cuts.

Something I’d learnt from these encounters, most people want to be happy. But, they’re trapped and lost. What’s worse, many believed that happiness would come with their next big break. So they slog and struggle.

That was when I realised that it’s more important to help the ladies find themselves so they won’t stand in their own way any longer.

This, in itself, was a lesson which I had to learn. It has empowered me to serve my clients better. Other than their changing their body shapes, they can also ditch the past that doesn’t serve them anymore.

Now at 50, I exercise regularly with a group of younger ladies. While they go breathless, I ease effortlessly from low impact stretches to active cardio workouts.Everything started with the stories in my head.

Therefore, age is just a number, the rest are excuses! I want to inspire more women to break the rules and be the best version of themselves, regardless of age. More importantly, we are the driver of our own lives, stop being a passive passenger!

I have a Facebook Group, Break the Rules, Just be You and it’s for LADIES only. Click here to join.

The transformation of the caterpillar is a powerful metaphor. Challenges are life’s way of building a person up, to be resilient and adaptive. Life is not a punishment! It can be an adventure or a trial, you decide!

Happiness is an inside job and everyone has the capacity to be so. Those who aren’t, simply need to unlock the door to everlasting happiness. That’s why I took up certification in MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities) to help clients achieve that!

With MAP, you can discover ways to have more fulfillment and less pain in life.

Do you have enough of going round in circles? Book a call now and see how MAP can help you!

With Love and Blessings

Adeline Heng