What fears do you have about about turning 50?

Do these 3 Things


Another girlfriend turned 50 this week and as usual, greetings went round via Whatsapp.

Birthday girl was apprehensive about turning 5–0 but what can we do? We cannot turn back the clock, someone said and advised her to feel young at heart to age gracefully. To be fair, most people would not be looking forward to aging, and moving one step closer to the big 6.

It is the fear of not knowing what the future will bring and made worse by the stories in our heads about getting old. Let’s do an experiment. What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of someone aged 60? I thought of my great grandmother, in her traditional black pants and blue top. Most unforgettable, is the clip she used to “bun” whatever hair she had left on her head. With that image, who wants to be anywhere near 60?

If we simply change the image of what a 60-year-old looked like, perhaps we won’t fear growing older.

Here are my suggestions:

1.Look for a healthy role model and seek advice from him/her. Better yet, ask them for their secret! What do they eat or use

2.Start taking good care of yourself, physically and emotionally. Love yourself enough and isn’t it about time to give yourself some priority?

3.The one thing I noticed about old folks, is how they feel when I hold them. From my great-grandmother to my mom now, their skin feels soft like tofu! That’s due to the loss of muscles! Other than the texture, there are other problems associated with muscle loss.

I know a few excellent 60-year-old role models and I can hook you up with them. Or if you want to know my secret of staying youthful, hit me up and I will tell you my secret.

Adeline Heng