Love Your Grey!

As the saying goes, never ask a woman her age or her weight. Never ask a snake handler if he’s been bitten. It’s not polite.

Why is it not polite to ask a woman her age?

I don’t find it offensive nor intrusive now. In fact, I love being asked this question and observe the response on the person’s face. If he’d been sitting on a chair, I’m sure he’d fall off!

I had a Grab Hitch driver taking his eyes off the road to stare at me in shock. “Surely, you can’t be more than 40?” He was really puzzled. He’s in his late 40s and can’t believe that I am older.

I guess this is due to the mental picture we have in our heads regarding woman of a certain age. And in this case I don’t look 50. I had someone remark that I don’t behave like a 50-year-old.

I don’t even feel 50!

I’m not sure what this person had in mind about the behaviour of a 50-year-old. She’s in her 40s and perhaps she felt I’d looked younger than she is. That’s a plausible conclusion.

Everything begins with the mental image in your head.

For me, that image of an old woman (aged between 50 and 60) was my late great grandmother. She, in her traditional black pants and blue top. Most unforgettable, is the clip she used to “bun” whatever hair she had left on her head. With that image, who wants to be anywhere near 60?

Things changed when that mental picture is different.

I’ve been inspired by several friends who are over 50 and some over 60. They maintain an active lifestyle, too. One of them is a 67-year-old tennis coach. She coaches and plays tennis every day and sometimes for 6 to 7 hours a day.

Another, also in her 60s, is a line dance teacher. She used to be sickly and would faint easily. Now, she can sway and turn her dance routines with so much ease and grace.

These ladies may have grey hair and they’re rocking their lives!

It’s not just about covering your grey hair. It’s how you can rise above your age and your grey hair.


I see myself enjoying a healthy and active life, surrounded by my loved ones me in environments that invigorate us. We’ll be enjoying activities that bring us lots of joy and laughter. Together we’ll bring love, peace and abundance to those around us.

What do you see about your future?

So here I am, owning the domain I want to start a movement so everyone, especially all the lovely ladies will rock their lives with their grey hair.

What you resist, persist. So accept and then transcend it.


Adeline Heng