Metamorphosis: Transformation in Progress

There is a story of a boy who found a caterpillar and brought it home.

Shortly after, the caterpillar began building its cocoon. The boy knew that one day, when it is ready, it would emerge and spread its beautiful wings. The boy could barely wait! So he checked on his caterpillar daily until one day he noticed a tiny hole on the cocoon.

It was time.

But all he could see was a poor creature struggling to break free. So, with a pair of scissors, he carefully opened the cocoon to free the butterfly. It emerged, but it’s wings were small and shriveled and it;s body, swollen. The butterfly never flew.

The lesson in this is that the struggling was a necessary part of the transformation for the butterfly. It is an ordeal that the butterfly needs to go through to build its magnificent wings. It needed to work its way through the small hole. That is how it gains its body strength to fly. Even though the boy was trying to help, in the end, he had harmed the butterfly.

A beautiful monarch butterfly with vibrant wings.


The same goes for us, the challenges that life throws at us are opportunities for us to build our tenacity and grow. Instead of asking why “bad” things keep happening to us, we should be asking “what lesson does this hold for me?”

Perhaps it is also time to see that today is a result of yesterday’s actions. We sow what we reap, what seeds are you sowing for tomorrow? If you keep doing the same thing, then don’t expect a different result. Life doesn’t work that way.

Often, we are given options, paths to choose from. It may be between an easy path and a difficult one. The choice is quite clear. Most would prefer an easy path as it’s usually more comfortable. Few see the value behind the challenges or struggles. I would have been the same.

And I had grown as a person because of those experiences.

With God’s help, I had pushed the boundaries beyond that of my comfort zone. I had discovered a whole new world of experiences! But this would not have been possible had I chosen the easy path.

Initially, it may seem bizarre to rejoice in the challenges. The metamorphosis of the butterfly illustrates that it may not be a bad thing to endure trying times. This is where growth happens.

God uses life’s challenges to teach and allow us grow into stronger people. These problems develop perseverance, which deepens our character. This then leads to hope, because it deepens our trust and relationship with God.

Life is full of choices and challenges. How do you cope?

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Adeline Heng