What are yours?

Are you ready to ditch your use-to’s?


I have been reflecting on my journey to live healthy and age healthy.

Things became clear to me and I shot a video to share My 3 Why for Choosing Health. It sparked off several conversations with people.

This one went on in my head.

1. I used to believe in Lies.

In my youth, someone close to me told me that no matter what shape I was in then, I just had to look at my mother and that would be my future. I didn’t believe it then, of course. But after 4 pregnancies, of which 2 were successful, I was bigger than my mom even before I hit 35! The prophesy came true and I blamed my genes.

2. I used to look for Shortcuts.

You can say I was pretty determined to get back into shape. I was constantly looking out for different methods to achieve my goal. I was adamant that I can lose weight by eating right and eating less. My ultimate goal then was to lose weight without doing any exercise.

3. I used to believe in “I Can’t”

“I can’t exercise as my knees would hurt”; “I can’t exercise after work as my precious children need me”; “I can’t exercise at lunch as I have so many meetings”. You get the drift. I did not want to exercise, so I had to come up with excuses to validate myself.

4. I used to tailor weight loss information to suit my own needs.

I would look for and apply knowledge that didn’t require me to exercise. So I happily subscribed to “no carbs” diet and the likes, without paying attention to what that might do to my body.

5. I used to keep my weight loss goal to myself.

I didn’t want anyone to ridicule or criticise my action. Yes, deep down I was aware that exercise is necessary but I chose to ignore it. I would go to lunch on my own so I could eat in peace, away from everybody’s eyes. It was a lonely time for me.

Ready to say goodbye to your used-to’s? Leave a comment below 🙂

Adeline Heng