Recognising the Rocks in Your Life

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The word Fear conjures up many different images in our heads, as well as stirring emotions within.

I read that fear is an emotional response to a Perceived threat. It causes changes in the brain and vital organs.

It may even result in certain behaviour, such as hiding, running away, or simply feeling frozen. It could come from confrontation or even in the form of a discovery

I used to have an intense fear, a rather irrational one at that.

Raise your hands if you are frightened of snakes! Even the mere mention of it used to send shivers down my spine.

It was so bad that I had refused to touch my friend’s branded hand bag, made of rabbit fur and had snake skin handle. No matter how soft the fur was!

It had all began with a movie, about a girl falling in love with a serpent. I saw that movie in the 1970s and developed this fear.

Then there was Medusa, it certainly drove that fear deep.

At the zoo, I would refuse to walk into the snakes’ enclosure. I would close my eyes whenever there’s a snake on TV.

I had no idea that this fear, simple as it was, would be the anchor for some major blocks in my life.

Imagine a river, flowing smoothly. What happens when there’s a rock in the middle? The water has to flow around it.

The River Lyn waters meet near Lynton in Devon

Let’s say the rock represents the fear in our life. Do you see how you might try and meander around it? Things won’t be smooth, will it?

Thankfully, while attending a course in Manifesting All Possibilities (MAP), a fellow classmate helped me work through that fear. What’s even more amazing is that after clearing this block, so many amazing things happened.

For one, I began to have the courage to speak my truth. I used to allow someone close to intimidate me. I’d always willingly given away my power. Today, I stand up and speak my mind.

I’d been accused of sweeping things under the carpet as I wouldn’t speak up. I’d frequently avoided issues and confrontations. I would always let the other party “have the last say”.

In fact, I hid behind “that’s who I am, take it or leave it!”

By refusing to change, I dug deeper into the hole and stayed there. I felt increasingly unhappy.

Today, I communicate my truth and stand my ground. I take responsibility for my words and action. I feel liberated! It’s a daily practice and you’ll get better at it.

If you allow a particular fear to remain in your life, you’re probably not aware of the damage this fear could bring.

It may even become your stumbling block to success. And you wonder why you’ve been dealt a bad hand in this life.

When in fact, you had been the one who’d caused all the hardships that you’re facing.

You know how you’d normally drive by instinct? Sometimes you won’t even remember how you’d arrived at a particular destination.

That’s the same with life!

Do certain people illicit a specific response from you no matter what is said? Think about it!

Stop driving by instinct. There’s another way to get to where you want to go.

I can show you how.

Book your session now to experience the liberating feeling that MAP will bring you.


Adeline Heng