A Fun-filled Way to Your Ideal Body!

I reconnected with a long time work associate over lunch today. I was intrigued by her commitment to exercise. Naturally, I’m very happy for her when she shared how much weight she’d lost since her mission started one year ago.

When we started trading stories about our respective weight management journey, one thing stood out. Most people are looking for a magic pill or magic cream! Something that melts the weight away. She told me in between giggles that everyone wants an easy path, and avoided exercise.

Bingo! I told her, I was like that too! Initially, I won’t even cut down on my food intake. I thought those cold wraps (on my body) will melt the fats away. I was somewhat devastated when I was told that I had to cut down on my food if the wraps were to work. Or I could pay for more wraps and treatment. I wasn’t about to do that! I had already invested too much with no returns in sight! I cut down my food intake.

Even though that treatment worked, the results were not sustainable! What I didn’t realise was that I had to carry on burning my money to burn the fats. On my own, my body wasn’t able to burn the fats. And 6 months down the road, I had gained so much weight than before that hefty investment.

And how did I embrace exercise?

I had spent 20 years looking for one solution. And the missing element was exercise. Even when I did go to the gym, it gave me the reason to eat. Whatever made me think I could lose weight by exercising, I wonder now.

It definitely takes more than hitting the gym to get to our ideal weight. It’s a matter of balancing calories intake and calories output. No prize for guessing how the equation looks.

I found the solution consisted of an ideal balance of food, exercise and stories in my head. I’d learnt this from a group of like-minded ladies. We exercised together and coached other ladies who wanted the same results.


After my first workout in 2018.

We started by simply exercising together, following workouts we had seen or tried before. After a while, one of the ladies who had extensive dance training, introduced moves that combined yoga and dance. We later learnt that these routines were introduced so we can lengthen our inner muscles. This is to counter what happens naturally in aging, losing muscle mass and functions.

This may sound very technical. You’ll only find out if you come and join our sessions. The sessions are always filled with music, fun and laughter. It’s rather unusual to perspire buckets without running. The ladies are always amazed by their ability to complete the routine without breaking into perspiration.

And at the end of the year, some of us were given the opportunity to perform and show our families and friends how we’d spent our evenings twice a week. One can see so much love and pride in their eyes when they saw the performance. The countless hours spent in rehearsal had been well worthwhile.

Are you ready to be in this year’s performance?

With Love & Blessings

Adeline Heng