It was an inspiring July, packed with lessons and much enlightenment.

This is what I saw about my past: I was shackled and that left me feeling powerless. But the shackles were imaginary so why did I feel that I’d been weighed down?

What were my shackles? They were all my insecurities, worries and fears. The things that clipped my wings.

All the years I’d spent accumulating stuff had left me feeling totally empty. I had gathered stuff but not much assets. So I’d spent years in pity parades, blaming everything and every one else. Not taking responsibility for my own well-being.

I’d been chasing and accumulating shiny objects, thinking those would give me fulfillment. But it wasn’t real! It hurt when I realised that everything was an illusion. All that chasing had left me worn out and I’d lost grounding.

Then I was told having such a conflict was a good thing. It meant I’m learning the lesson it was teaching.

Granted I’d felt painful. And all I had to do was just to surrender and let it pass. And since reconciling my relationship with God, I’m feeling more centred and loved.

That was when I started to float and flow again. The shackles are finally gone and I can truly be free.

This is a muscle that needs building and strengthening. It’s tempting to go back to the shackles – fears and worries – but I know the price for going back there.

Have you felt the same? What are your shackles?


Adeline Heng