It’s the time of the year for self-reflection. How has 2017 been for you?

There could have been moments of anxiety, disappointment, and darkness. Or perhaps there had been setback, failures or chaos.

These are but lessons for us to glean and learn. Such lessons empower you to move on. Rest assured that it will keep coming if you haven’t learnt the lesson.

Life doesn’t just happen to you. For every effect, there’s a cause. Think about that.

So, release all the painful memories and allow them to float away like the clouds. Instead of focusing on why it’d happened to you, ask what lesson did that hold for you.

This is one huge step forward. Trust me, that was one of my lessons.

And in 2018, I wish you health, peace and hope.

May your life be filled with joy, love and abundance.

May your days be full of bright sunshine, beauty and prosperity.

May you be open to receive exciting opportunities and success.

Here’s something I’d receive from a friend:

So long December, Saying Goodbye to the year 2017

Leaving the negative habits behind

Negative habits are the roadblocks to your own joy, peace and happiness; complaining and selfishness only makes you angry bitter and unhappy.

Choose to be the change you want to see in others.

Let go.

Remember the more value and peace you add to the lives of others, the more you will get out of life. You must be willing to let go to make room to receive.

~ Babz

Goodbye 2017 and Hello! 2018!

With Love and Blessings

Adeline Heng