You’ve heard the call “Dream Big!” Let’s be honest, how big is your dream?

I didn’t have a dream. To me, dreams happen when you’re sleeping.

I didn’t day dream either. I was too practical. I didn’t want to risk being labelled as one.

I was really safe. That was my mistake. I know it now.

Without a dream, I was simply drifting from day to day. Granted, I’d pinned all my hopes on my two lovely children. But I had no personal dream nor goal.

My life was stagnant. I’d felt empty.

Thankfully, the idea of writing a book became real. God’s prompting, probably.

From that point on, I started dreaming. Being safe, my dreams were safe too. Nothing too risky.

That WAS the crux of the whole matter. My dreams were so small, they didn’t excite me at all.

And guess what? Nothing happened.

Then during meditation a few days ago, the verse Mark 2: 22 popped up!

Here’s the back story that’s mentioned in the verse.

Long before wines were bottled, they were kept in goat skin. The fermentation process continued IN the skin. The wine expanded in the process.

Therefore new wine must be kept in new wine skin to allow for expansion. Old wine skin will burst when the new wine expands.

And bingo!

I needed to expand myself to fit my dream. When my dreams were small, there was no growth!

Inspired by this parable, I finally understood how my dream needs to be so big that it scares me. And instead of worrying about it, I surrendered to God and asked Him to show me the way and use me in the process.

I’m so at peace with the whole idea of a Moonshot Goal now.

I’m just so excited about what’s going to happen. So far, God has exceeded what my tiny mind can conceive. I’ve since stopped expecting specific outcomes. I simply trust Him and go with the flow.


Adeline Heng