Age is just a number! Live each day to the full!


3 Strategies to Stay Sane at 50


A lady in her mid-50s shared her story and it enlightened me about the loneliness and pain some women associate with growing old. The changes in her appearance made her feel that she had lost physical appeal. At the same time, she went through a period of sadness in her emotional life too.

Her story gave me a glimpse into the future and also prompted me to look for resources so I can share with my tribe. One thing that stood out with clarity is this, our health and fitness is top priority.

Remember this, the better we feel, the better we look and eventually, age is irrelevant. As long as we have mobility, we are still good.

Events may make us feel “invisible” because we had been passed over at work due to our age. Or we are not young nor interesting enough to have a voice in the world. But hey, we have something called “wealth of experience”. We simply have to raise above the noise in our heads, embrace our age and not be held ransom by it. Accept that change is happening, and figure out the best way to deal with those changes. Then forge bravely ahead with health and vitality.

Fear is a frightening thing and it will stop us from going after our dreams!

If we give in, we may become a prisoner in our comfort zone. It is said that, “If you’re healthy, you feel good. If you feel good, you look good. If you feel good and look good and have a vision for your future, you’ll feel even better.” So let’s empower ourselves with the knowledge on how to stay that way and feel amazing. And when we feel amazing, do we need to care about age? Then, age truly becomes a number.

I keep a list of amazing ingredients which have enabled me to stay healthy and youthful. Do you want to know what they are? Reach out to me now.

Adeline Heng