Radiance begins from the inside.

Beauty or Packaging?

I asked a question on Facebook earlier this week. Looks like having good skin is more important than just good looks. So celebrate if you were born with good looks. Fret not if you weren’t.

It’s said that true beauty comes from within. It shines through your eyes, the window to your soul. Audrey Hepburn’s view encapsulated this so well:

A classic beauty’s take on Beauty.


Stop beating yourself up and embrace yourself.

Love you for who you are and see the difference that comes with this decision. It’s much easier to be near a happy person than one who’s always in a foul mood, thinking that the worst always happens to them. And they wonder why.

When you are not confident of yourself, no amount of make-up or packaging will help. You tend to find fault with everything, the colour is not right, the style doesn’t suit you, whatever!

 Have you ever bought a nicely packaged product only to find that what’s inside has gone bad?

It’s the same for a beautiful face without character or soul.

I empower women to feel good and love themselves. Peel off the layers of dirt (lies & insecurities) to unveil the real you! When your story is aligned with who you are, you will exude beauty. Even if your skin is not a good condition, this is not the end. There is always a way to help and all you have to do is believe.

I will reveal my beauty secrets and share with you how I have better skin now than I did in my 40s.

Meanwhile, leave me a comment or send a message if you have any questions about your skin condition.


Adeline Heng