Lessons from the gruelling 10km run this morning.

I made the decision to participate in one race every year so I can keep up with the exercise. Otherwise, just like any other person, excuses will kick in and I’ll find reasons not to run.


Hey, I am human too.


I would have preferred regular runs leading up to the event. I didn’t keep up with the discipline this year. So I paid the price and my pace was not ideal. However, I kept to my intention and goal not to let the last group of pacers out-run me. That was the factor that pushed me forward especially in the last 3 km.


So my intention and goal helped me keep putting one foot in front of the other. This helped me complete the run within the time I set for myself.


Your body responds to your story

It’s normal to feel physically unwell the night before. I had a bad backache. It was probably my body responding to my brain saying “it may rain tomorrow morning …”

I went to sleep with a huge medical plaster on my back. I put cream on my knees too.

When I woke up at 4.30 am, there was no pain! Not to mention, nice cool morning breeze.


The stories in my head …

I saw this video where Joel Osteen explains the words following “I am”

It’s really true, what you tell yourself after “I am” affects you.

All that went on in my mind: “I am fit and this is easy”. I didn’t allow myself to give up. That was how I out ran the pacers!

Here are the photos of the day.

Shape Run 2017 completed. Seen here with all my friends.


If you need someone to run with you, reach out.


With love and blessings

Adeline Heng