Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in the background. Pit stop for a 8 km run.

The 6 essential ingredients


How do we know that we have a good life? Is it a handsome monthly paycheck? A swanky new European brand luxury car? Or that expensive apartment that you have in the most upmarket part of town?

According to Jim Rohn, a good life has 6 essential ingredients:

  1. Productivity

    Try asking someone what they would do if they have won $1 million dollars, the most likely reply would be along the lines of go on a holiday, buy an expensive gift for themselves or just chill out since they won’t have to work. The real answer is what would you do after all the travelling and chilling is done. What would you do if money were no object? Would you pursue your passion or do something that will impact the society? Life goes on, the sun continues to shine and plants continue to thrive.


  1. Community

    I experienced first-hand the joy that a community provides during a recent bereavement in the family. Friends from different communities came together to support our family, some led prayers while others spent time consoling us. I am grateful for having communities both in the social and business circles. These networks provide a solid support structure and address the need for our sense of belonging.


  1. Culture/Identity

    This is what makes you, You. This gives others the sense of who you are. Where you were born, where you lived, the community you’re a part of, all these shape your identity and how others see you. The more exposure you get in life, the richer the experience you can give others.


  1. Spiritually

    This is not just religion. It’s having some connection with something spiritual. Some call it the universe, God, Allah, life, faith in self, or even science! Regardless of the labels, it refers to connection in the spiritual sense.


  1. Don’t Miss A Thing

    Be involved. Be up for doing things. Exploring, experiencing, evolving, as a professional, a person, a parent, a human being. Go for dance classes, learn to play a muscial instrument, visit the Antartica, build that school in Africa, go to the cinema. Whatever it is. Just experience all you can. Don’t sit at home wasting this gift of life and experience that we have. Find causes to be involved in. Experiences to have. Live!


  1. Your Family and Inner Circle

    Maintain good relationships with them. Families come in varying sizes but the relationships need our time and effort. From communities, you may be closer to some than others. Some observational studies show that community and family may be the most important thing when it comes to our wellbeing and ageing well. Be sure you have a good relationship with your family and keep a good and trusted inner circle around you.

These are the ingredients suggested by Jim Rohn and I fully agree with them. What do you think?

Adeline Heng