What is the pain or sickness telling you?


What is the first thing that you do when you feel unwell, such as having a headache? The usual reaction is to pop a painkiller and hope that the pain subsides.


That was what I did two nights ago. I felt the onset of a tension headache. This had not happened for a long time since I left my full-time job.


The pain, however, did not subside. It went full blast yesterday. My friend saw me winched as the pain struck. It was involuntary and I could not control it. It was embarrassing.


I got in touch with a friend, Dr Linda, this morning. I mentioned this headache. Her immediate response was “It’s usually about fear… This can be felt or not felt by you. I’m sorry you are arching.”


She then gave me some instructions to be in touch with the energy this fear is communicating.


I did as I was told and boom! It hit me! I had initiated some change to my life, and deep down, I feared the changes this would bring. I acknowledged it as the change is necessary. Then I released the situation.


You see, our body responds in amazing ways. Beyond our understanding. Even when we are in denial of a certain emotion, it finds a way to express itself. In this case, it was through a headache.


Since the self-treatment procedure*, I am happy to say that the tension headache has ceased. All I feel is a dull ache on my shoulders. I know I am integrating all that has taken place.


*I am in the processing of being certified as a MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities) Practitioner. To get an idea of what MAP is, click here as the founder, Colette Streicher shares how MAP works.


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With Love and Blessings

Adeline Heng