Closing the Year 2018

Today is the last day of 2018 and what a year it has been, with all the ups and downs. It has passed all too quickly as well.

I’d taken a pretty long break from penning my thoughts for a while. Some days were spent recollecting lessons, some were spent healing and others consolidating or integrating. It’s been a tumultuous 2018, to say the least.

Here are some lesson’s I’d learn, and some I had to relearn.

  1. If you don’t have a clear direction of where you’re heading, chances are you won’t go far.
  2. The more you resist something, the more it persists.
  3. Spend time digging deep into the way you feel.
  4. If you don’t accept yourself, don’t expect others to accept you.
  5. Control your own weather is best thing you can do for you.
  6. Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.
  7. Challenges strengthen your wings to fly further and higher.
  8. Gratitude is the antidote to misery.

In reviewing the past 12 months, it has became clear that I wasn’t moving ahead as much as I’d desired. That said, I had gained in ways I didn’t expect either. Perhaps that’s God’s way of preparing me as I found my way back to Him. I was baptised in 1989, and all I had was a transactional relationship. I’m glad that I am deepening my ties, faith and belief in my daily walks.

One big takeaway for 2018 is also the acceptance of myself totally, including all my flaws and imperfections. Read my earlier post on self-acceptance here.

To ensure that a truly awesome 2019, I’ve decided to choose a word to focus on. Having such a word would anchor my focus from now on. It’s also tied to my intention for the year and it keeps me in check.

The last few weeks of recollection has enabled me to have a clearer idea of where I’m headed and who I’m being. I’m discovering the secret to living and being well as I approach my 52 birthday.

I can say honestly that I am looking forward to advancing in biological age! That’s a stark difference from the time I was in my late 30s approaching 40!

And since I’ve released the drama about that number, I have new found confidence and excitement about the future. Especially in taking care of myself, externally and internally.

Watch this space for more in 2019!


Adeline Heng