I had a delightful conversation with a young lady yesterday. She’d ditched her old story of lack and embraced a new life of abundance. Her story reminded me of the time I’d spent wallowing in self-pity and self-doubt.

Nobody can make you a victim without your permission.

That’s one of the hardest lesson I’d learnt. The world was not against me, I was against me. It’s that simple. I had a choice and you do too.

One, you can choose to stay stuck or two, choose to leave that painful place. You’d be amazed at the difference that comes with that one small step!

According to Marianne Williamson in her book, The Law of Divine Compensation: “Love is the all-encompassing reality of God and thus can have no opposite. The absence of love, which is fear, is mere illusion. Love is the only eternal truth, while fear is a hallucination of the mortal mind.”

Therefore, just take the step and start with appreciation. All you’ll need to do is start saying “Thank You” for the things you’d always taken for granted. For instance, the air you breathe, the sunshine, the rain and everything else that exist which you needn’t pay a single cent for.

From the conversations I’ve had with many people, I gathered that most perceive change as painful. Well, yes and no. Yes, if you don’t know what to do. If you’ve been guided, all it takes is your decision to move.

Everything that stands between you and that one step is the voice in your head. “Who do you think you are?” “You can’t do this, you’re not like so-and-so, who’s this-and-that!”

Do you recognise that voice?

How many times has that voice stood in my way, I’d lost count. It has become a habit and I had to develop another one to overcome it.

That’s easier said than done. I can almost hear you say. And it’s true!

It takes more than head knowledge to implement the change. It took me quite a bit of inner work to be where I am today. And it is an on-going process, perhaps it’s a lifelong process. We learn everyday as we grow, mentally and physically.

I’d invested much time and money into developing myself and growing my business. I’d made a discovery that rocked me out of my stupor.

The secret sauce of making all the strategies work is the story I have in my head!

It’s also known as mindset.

And I have to thank all the mentors and teachers who came into my life and created that impact. I want to do the same for you now. Are you ready to create your world, starting with you?

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Adeline Heng