Spring Clean Your Life (12-week programme)

I don’t know you personally right now. So here are some questions:

  • Do you feel empty inside even though you have everything going on right for you on the outside?

  • Are you not happy with how your life is turning out despite your best efforts?

  • Has life been throwing you too many lemons and you are busy spinning around to avoid them?

If you don’t mind my honest and direct comment, you may have too many bad experiences in the past. As a result, you are jaded about the future. What if I tell you that it’s possible to detach the emotions from the memories. You can learn to create new behaviours to generate new results.

Introducing my 12-week program, Spring Clean Your Life.

We will:
1. Discover your situation to determine why you are not getting what you want
2. Design your future and determine what you need to do to create the life you want
3. Decide once and for all who you are and where you want to go.

We will identify the patterns and emotions together. Then we separate the emotions from the situations and create new behaviours for better results.

In the 12 weeks together, there will be

  • A 60-minute one-on-one call to clear one phobia
  • 3 webinars per month (recording is available if you can’t make it live) .
  • A copy of my Amazon #1 Bestseller
  • Secret Facebook community that provides love and support as you thrive in your journey.

Your investment to Spring Clean Your Life is US$197 per month.

Want to know how we can work together?

Simply book a quick call with me, it’s completely complimentary at this point. It’s for us to get to know one another and be sure we are a fit for each other. Here is the link to book a call again.

Do not settle for anything less. You have a diamond within you waiting to shine for the world  Ask yourself, what would you like to be remembered for? Are you doing anything to ensure that happens?